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Software or Innovation Contracting

I have been contracting for software over the past three years in my available time along school, and have helped a wide variety of companies boost their business automation or online image.

Now experienced with entrepreneurship, design thinking, and innovation, I am available for contract projects to help push companines of any size into the correct direction.

Entrepreneurship Advising

Work with me on startup projects, and get insight from my mind about technology startups.

Software Automation

Contract me out to work on automating the software you use in your business, to hopefully create a seamless process.

Design Thinking Advising

Discover the power of utilizing human-centered design to lead any team through your traditional business model.

Custom Software

Work with me on your custom software project, ranging from a basic site redesign, to a full Magento build, and reaching into slick web applications.

Business/Branding Strategy

Work with me to develop a proper brand, and how to hit the market correctly, to create the perfect ripple effect.

Inveigle Products

My software company, Inveigle, provides both products for business, as well as custom software development. Check out our currently available products, as well as our products in development.